Nikolas Ioannou

July 1, 2019


Wastify is a mobile application for the iPhone that implements a custom image classification algorithm to classify waste in a fraction of a second, hands-free, and offline.

Wastify can classify waste into 5 categories:

- Garbage

- Recycling

- Compost

- Donation

- Transfer Station

Wastify provides subjective results depending on the waste: for donatable items, Wastify curates a list of nearby donation centers and provides one-tap directions, calling, and a website link for each center.



King 5 News: I was interviewed on King 5 News's Game Changers program about my experiences in developing and publishing Wastify.

Congressional App Challenge Wastify won the Congressional App Challenge in WA-07 in 2018. I was invited and sponsored to present it to members of Congress in Washington DC.

AngelHack: the first iteration of Wastify was developed in 24 hours for the AngelHack hackathon in 2018. Wastify recieved second place for the All Around award.